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How you can help at home 

Here are a few things you can do to protect and save the endangered Western Monarch Butterflies.

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Plant milkweed in flower gardens

Milkweed is the most important plant to a Monarch  butterfly. It is a host plant for eggs, food for caterpillars, holds the chrysalis, and is a place for Monarchs to rest. Also butterflies need nectar from plants in flower gardens. It is essential to plant seeds and plants that are native to your community.

make a pesticide free environment

Help monarchs live by limiting how often you use pesticides. Pesticides kill native milkweed, that is the host plant for monarch eggs. Milkweed is also one of the first things caterpillars eat, so without it, butterflies everywhere will die

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create a certified 

Learn more about how to create your own certified waystation for western monarchs by reading the resource document here. or by visiting

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