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Help the monarchs

Western Monarch Butterflies Are Endangered

The Monarch population is declining for a number of reasons. Watch our video to find out why.

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Help the endangered Western Monarch.
Learn how small actions help solve a big problem.

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Interesting Facts

The Western Monarch is an endangered species for various reasons including habitat loss and a debilitating parasite called ophryocystis elektroscirrha (OE). Monarchs make about a 2,500 mile journey from the US to Mexico every year. The journey can take up to 2 months, and it uses 3-4 generations per journey. But every fourth year there's a super generation - they live up to 8 months while the normal monarchs live only 5-7 weeks. The super generation lives through the whole journey.

Lifecycle of the
Western MOnarch

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Eggs are 1.2 mm high and 0.9 mm wide, cream or yellow in color.


In the larval stage, monarchs are eating machines growing up to 2,000 times their original mass.


The pupal stage lasts about 8-15 days. You can see the black and orange wing colors before they hatch. 


Adult monarchs live 2-5 weeks during their breeding season. The migrating generation doesn’t reach maturity until overwintering is complete (about 6-9 months).

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